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How To Become A Raw Agent

How To Become A Raw Agent
How To Become A Raw Agent
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How to become a Raw Agent, Almost all the countries of the world have their own security arrangements in place, from the security point of view, all countries have intelligence agencies, which prevent secret information related to the country from getting out of the country, and any people in the country. Such an attack is guessed ahead of time, so that there is no damage to the country.

The intelligence agency of India is RAW, which is engaged in protecting the country by being vigilant at all times, in such a situation, if you also want to become a RAW agent, then you are going to tell us in detail on this page.

What is raw agent

RAW is India’s international intelligence agency or intelligence agency, this organization was created to monitor the neighboring countries of India and get their intelligence, so that the country can be protected from attacks from other countries.

It is called ‘Research and Analysis Wing’ in Hindi, people working in this agency are called RAW agents, it was created in the year 1968 to spy on China, but in the present time RAW’s Indian Integration And contribute significantly to safety.

Earlier the task of obtaining foreign information was first done by the Intelligence Bureau (Bureau of Investigation), it was formed by the British, in the year 1933, at the beginning of World War II, to get information about the border areas of India, the Intelligence Bureau The activities were further increased, the reason for India being defeated in the India-China war in the year 1962

How to become a Raw Agent

There is no direct recruitment exam to join the Indian RAW department, first you have to join defense sector or Indian Civil Service Department, after getting good experience in these departments, you have to give an interview, this interview In order to be successful, you get an opportunity to join RAW department.

Those officers of high rank in the rank of RAW India Agent and Intelligence Officer are employed as a secret agent to work in India and abroad, mainly in defense of national level service and most of the time – IPS officers, Central Intelligence Officers, CID officers, heads of India’s terrorists – be employed as IMA, INA, AFA.

Staff working in RAW department especially civil service department or police department are selected on the basis of their work and intelligence, at present, RAW department candidates are being selected directly from graduation, but for this you have some It is necessary to have special qualities, which are as follows –

  • Computer hacking
  • Special work skills
  • Proficiency in internet speed and unstarting etc.

Eligibility criteria


19 years to 25 years.

Educational Qualifications

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s / Master’s degree from any recognized university.
marital status

Applicant should be unmarried.

Selection Process

Candidates are selected under written examination, interview, medical test three procedures.
Basic Requirements to Become a Raw Agent

Having any type of criminal record is likely to result in the cancellation of your application.
Applicants have to undergo drug testing, and should not be used to drug abuse
Most agents have to travel overseas, even without travel roles.
Getting a job in RAW is very competitive, you should have the quality to do more than others.

Information related to the application form

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) does not have a website, so it is difficult to apply for them to become an agent, however, jobs advertised as Deputy Area Officers, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India are considered recruitment for R&A. Goes
Direct entry into RAW

For getting appointment in RAW, through the form of Deputy Field Officer, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, in addition to giving exams from National Academy of Administration, one can also join Research and Analysis Wing, under which SSC conducts examinations Is done by

By civil services exam

Students studying civil services from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration are also selected for RAW, after the completion of the course RAW team comes to the institute for campus recruitment, after some Psychological Tests to train the candidates. It is kept, the duration of this training is one year, considering the merit of the candidates, they are made part of RAW. The |

Through Defense Services

If the candidate is not getting success in the civil services exam, then you can get admission in RAW through Defense Services.
Through the Intelligence Bureau

There is direct recruitment of SA or ACIO in Intelligence Bureau, through this you can go to RAW.

How to become PCS | What is PCS

Prepare in this way
  • Pay special attention to General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Newspaper, make interesting news point, make different question paper from someone’s hand again and again, solve his / her questions, focus more on self study, your confidence by joining the questionnaire contest Increase
  • While reading the books, mark the point, collect all the question papers of this exam till date, answer the questions, if you cannot find the answer to any question, you can get the help of internet.
  • Increase self-confidence, increase the ability to speak in front of someone or on stage, practice speaking by holding points
  • Anyone learn a foreign language, especially prioritize the language of their country’s enemies, even better, learn a relatively obscure language

Here we told you about becoming a Raw Agent, if you have any kind of question related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then through the comment box, we can ask you Looking forward to the feedback and suggestions made by him.

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